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We all seek an earthly paradise

Since our childhood, we have all yearned for pure white sands set in azure seas, for gently swaying palm trees lending gentle shade from the tropical sun. We all dream of diving to coral reefs, of gliding amongst myriad bejewelled reef-dwellers flitting by in easy, ever-altering formations, or of venturing deeper into the mysterious blue world where enormous Whale Sharks swim gently by to their homes in the east.
These paradises, we sometimes sadly think, have been forever lost.
But for a fortunate few, they can be regained. 
You can find them again, here, the website that specialises in bringing within your easy reach the exotic lodges, the powdery white beaches, the turquoise seas, and the lush tropical flora  that grace our neighbour’s coast.  These splendid lodges add the idyllic beach experience we all seek at prices ranging from the affordable to the frankly indulgent.
Have a look at them — we’re sure they’ll whet your desire to explore our different options.

Paradise… a price

Mozambique was once known to be a cheap alternative for South Africans, off the well-known route to Mauritius and the Seychelles.  And it is true that some of the hundreds of lodges you can find in Mozambique have remained cheap, down around the R300 or R400 per person a night range — but all too often they’re no more than basic breeze-block-and-thatch beach shacks, built with no great regard for Mozambique’s sweltering summer heat, and even less regard for the "visitor experience".
That’s why we prefer not to send our guests to these frequently….let’s call them “iffy”.... establishments — because we simply can’t guarantee that a dreamed-of holiday in heaven won’t speedily descend into a sweaty, sleepless sojourn in a Devil’s Island with no air-conditioning.
There’s a time in all of our lives when we are prepared to rough it, in the interests of earning new experiences — but most of us have passed that point by now, and certainly we know enough to know that the quest for an earthly paradise cannot easily be replaced by heating up canned food on a one-ring gas burner.

Price needn’t mean exorbitant 

As you’ll see by the few examples here, we like to offer  our clients options where they can enjoy genuine architectural merit, a cool retreat from the heat outdoors, tasteful décor, unobtrusive and accomplished service, delicious catering featuring the freshest  local ingredients, and management’s genuine desire to make your holiday as perfect and as blissful as you have ever dreamed.
Those things aren’t cheap, of course — so we advise you to be realistic about your budget and to allow no less than perhaps R1500 per person per night (and you can always add to the overall affordability by staying on the look-out for the various special deals that most lodges offer, from time to time).

Next door is not next door

Mozambique may be our next-door neighbour — but getting there is still an expensive business. Driving there is quite a mission, and flying is a much more desirable choice for most of us — but flying isn’t cheap. Once you’re there, the number of beach lodges that can be reached by sedan car is limited, demanding your air or land transfer to many otherwise inaccessible lodges (and be aware that return transfers to some of Mozambique’s gorgeous islands can themselves cost R3000-R4000 per person).
You do need to understand, then, that  the air option, including international flights and airport taxes but excluding transfers  to your lodge of choice, is going to cost you around R5000 per person — and so you have, realistically, to budget for that, too.
Very many people who respond to our website are doomed before they even start by allowing themselves — for example — a budget of R5000 for a couple for their planned three-day Mozambican holiday. That takes no “getting there” costs at all into account, and gives them each R833 for accommodation, fairly seriously limiting their choice of acceptable vacation establishments. Oh yes, and they’d like to holiday between December 25 and January 1, when virtually every set of rates around is set on “Peak Season”.
And so, more often than not, another couple’s dream holiday is pended, until next year, or the year after, or the year after that….

In conclusion

So we would urge our clients not to feel reserved or resentful when the first question we often ask them is “realistically, what budget have you allowed yourselves for this holiday?”, and when the first observation that we usually make after that is “your budget, frankly, isn’t going to cover the sort of holiday you have in mind”. 
We are not trying to squeeze you into a higher spending bracket in order to earn more revenue for ourselves,  It’s just that we know, from long years of experience, what holiday travel to Mozambique and its lodges costs, and consequently know, pretty accurately, what options are possible for you, and what aren’t.
We’re your ally, that’s all — use us for what we’re worth.
Finally, we really want all you dreamers to  become part of an active, enthusiastic user group, regularly reading these newsletters, reading our blogs, visiting our website, and telling us what you think of our offerings, and what you would like to see us adding (or subtracting) from our mix.
Please feel free to drop us a line, whether in approval or not, at:
Until then, why not start planning your next escape into this paradise, regained.

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