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Vamizi's Oceans
@ Vamizi Island

Webbed feet would be an advantage, though not essential, on this crescent island that is a springboard for some of the best diving, fishing and beach life in the world.

The island’s near perfect white coral beaches and breathtakingly beautiful shallows are just the tip of the tropical iceberg.

Beneath the surface of the Vamizi seas is an outstanding reefscape - mountains, valleys, plateaux and cliffs- teeming with a bewildering amount of sea life, from whales, dolphins, turtles and reef sharks to gregorian corals and giant clams.

Vamizi Island lies right by the point where the south equatorial current splits.

The emergent cool and warm currents sustain unusually large amounts of microscopic plankton and krill, a major food source that supports a vast array of species – up to 46 types of coral and over 400 species of fish, alone.

A glance at a marine map reveals another deep Vamizi secret: a sheer walled canyon that slips down to a kilometre below, meandering along the island’s eastern edge, providing dive sites beyond compare and coral habitats that have been deemed amongst the healthiest reef systems anywhere.

Simply put, whether you want to dive, fish, swim or bob, this is the place.

Life On The Surface

    'You just can't underestimate how good this feels'

The Vamizi seas from above the water are so pretty that they literally take your breath away. To describe them only as blue or gold or turquoise is unfair - this ocean is cerulean, viridian, ultramarine, cobalt and so much more: in the different moods of day and night, they shimmer through every shade of an artist’s palette.

To have this awesome seascape as your backdrop while you play is not at all bad: fishing some of the world’s most exciting waters, ambling along the shore, cutting through the waves in a wooden dhow (dolphins at your side), watching a humpback whale breach - you just can't underestimate how good this feels.

What’s more, the beauty is not skin deep; the ocean is as sublime below as it is gorgeous above.

7 nights/ stay. pay for only 4
$4165 -
STAY SEVEN NIGHTS AND GET THREE NIGHTS FREE. Applicable: 23 Apr–14 Jul Incl for Saturday arrivals only. Excluding air fares, airport taxes, transfers, etc.

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key features
  • Vamizi caters for 24 guests
  • 10 beach villas
  • Two double suites
  • Exclusive seclusion for families or friends.
  • 8km main beach
  • 155 sq m villas
  • Maximum privacy.
  • King-size 4 poster beds
  • Padi diving
  • Deep sea fishing: Fly-Fishing: Spa & Wellness

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Telephone 00 27 82 780 3931

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