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The Island's Interior
@ Vamizi Island

Arching out of the Vamizi seas - twelve kilometres long and a kilometre wide - this whale-shaped curve of beach and bush is drenched in sunshine and breezes.

The miles of unpadded white sand and wild bushy interior are also a sanctuary for samango monkeys, coconut crabs and the 112 species of tropical birds that live here, as well as being a haven for the more land-based creatures amongst us.

Like the 100 turtles that nest on Vamizi's empty shores and are irresistibly drawn to its peace, solitude and perfect harmony year after year, intrepid travellers and rarified pleasure seekers find it’s just the place to rest their weary fins.

Vamizi Islands Beaches

     'leave nothing but your incredibly spoilt, sandy footprints'

Vamizi Island’s beaches have some of the best sand in the world: so fine it squeaks like icing sugar as you walk on it, so pale and clean that kicking off your shoes is second nature. It’s as if we sift the beach every morning - the only litter you’re likely to see is shells and coral.

What makes it all the more amazing is that you hardly share the shores with anyone (a few other lodge guests and some turtles, perhaps). You can beach-comb for untouched miles or lounge about in total privacy.

Furthermore, the tropical sea that gently laps the shores is as beautiful as you've ever seen it. Finally, the island is a nature reserve, so take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but your incredibly spoilt, sandy footprints.

Beating around the Bush - the island interior

    'a unique and precious island habitat'

Vamizi Island is a whale- shaped sliver of coral, fringed with perfect white sand, grown over with wild, indigenous tropical bush and preserved and protected by the Vamizi Island project.

This craggy coral wilderness - with practically no rainfall - benefits from minimal human impact and is a unique and precious island habitat. It is home to an exceptional number of land-based coastal species of flora and fauna.

Out in the bush are some of the island’s greatest treasures: the giant coconut crabs - vegetarian scavengers with a magpie-like attraction to anything from mobile phones to sandals - who crush coconuts in impressively strong claws; the samango monkeys – close relatives of the blue monkey - and, incredibly for such a small island, 112 recorded species of birdlife.

With numerous butterflies and an exotic selection of tropical trees, bushes and flowers, our nature guides have no shortage of inner island life to show you; they will be genuinely thrilled if you take an interest and follow them through the tangled interior.

Village Life

    'The Maluane Project aims to help these villages beat poverty and improve daily life'

Vamizi Island is much more than vacation Nirvana for the privileged few – it is also a home and a community for the 1,000 people who live in three villages on the eastern tip of the island.

The Maluane Project – Vamizi Island’s conservation arm - has sought involvement at community level from the beginning, as conservation and community are inextricably linked.

Historically a place of retreat, Vamizi Island began to be settled by people trying to avoid the ravages of the Mozambique civil war, which ended over a decade ago.

Life in the villages is basic and remarkably traditional. Most people survive by trading fish, caught from dugout canoes, small local sailboats (dhows)or picked off by hand from the island's reefs. There has never been fresh water on the island, so every drop is the community uses is brought in by sailboats to the thatched villages twice a day from the mainland.

What may seem in some ways romantic or unspoilt is, in its mirror image, a tough life, beggared by scarce resources and little opportunity.

The Maluane Project aims to help these villages beat poverty and improve daily life, to develop decent medical and school facilities, create new options and conserve this island home and its bountiful ocean riches, for the good of the community, their children and their children's children.


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  • Vamizi caters for 24 guests
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  • 155 sq m villas
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  • King-size 4 poster beds
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