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Island info
@ Vamizi Island

Vamizi Island lies just off the coast of northern Mozambique in the Quirimbas Archipelago. The Archipelago is made up of 32 coral islands and stretched for 100 kilometres along the coast from Pemba to the Rovuma River, the natural border between Mozambique and Tanzania. Vamizi Island is 12 kilometres long and 2 kilometres wide.

Time zone
Vamizi Island local time is the same as Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (GMT + 3 hrs) Pemba and the rest of Mozambique is 1 hour behind Vamizi Island (GMT + 2 hrs).

Vamizi Island is surrounded by clear, bright turquoise and blue water, abundant with marine life and unbleached, untouched coral reefs. The main lodge ,situated on the north side of the island on the edge of thick coastal forests, looks out across a wide white beach onto the Indian Ocean beyond.


Warmest months: October to April (monthly average 27 to 30 ºC)
Coolest months: June to August (monthly average 21 to 25 ºC)

RAINY SEASON – January to March: Vamizi is a low– lying, offshore island and is not affected by the long rains as the mainland.

WINDS - April to November: predominantly SW, S and SE. - December to March: predominantly NE and E and can be strong.

WATER TEMPERATURE - Maximum: January to March (26 to 28 ºC) - Minimum: July to September (21 to 25 ºC)

MALARIA - Vamizi Island is a low– risk malarial area, but it is recommended that anti– malarial prophylactics be taken for travel in Mozambique and surrounding areas. All guests are advised to check with their own doctor or travel clinic for advice before their date of travel to ensure that all vaccinations and medical certificates are valid. All guests are required to have their own medical and
evacuation insurance.

Facilities at the Lodge

RESTAURANT - The main dining room is situated on the beach; private dining can also be organised in the sunset lounge on request.
MUNTU NKULU - Beach dining is also available on request, subject to weather. Situated on the estuary on the south side of the island (about a 5 minute drive away), Muntu Nkulu is a picnic– style restaurant, (meaning Big River in the local Kimwani dialect).

COMMUNICATIONS & INTERNET - There is wireless internet access in the office at the main lodge and a laptop is available for guests’ use. There is also cell phone coverage for some networks, although this is restricted to the main lodge area. We would ask that you please use discretion when using your cell phone in public areas.

BABYSITTING - Available on request.

What to bring
From October to April, the temperatures are over 30 ºC. From May to September, the daytime temperatures are still hot, but a light sweater may be required in the evenings. The rainy season is from December to March, although it is rare that it rains all day.

·Lightweight cotton shirts/ t-shirts
·Long– sleeved shirts for fishermen
·Swimwear and kikoi (sarong)
·Smart casual wear for the evenings
·Beach shoes/ sandals
·Strong sunblock
·Hat and sunglasses
·Binoculars for bird watchers
·Medical certificates and PADI log books for divers
.Straw hats and kikois (traditional sarongs) are provided in each villa.
.Conservation and communities

The original visionaries of this conservation project first visited the Quirimbas Archipelago of Northern Mozambique in 1998. They believed this undeveloped, and at the time unprotected, area to be of huge natural significance as a
terrestrial and marine wildlife sanctuary not only for Mozambique but for the whole of East Africa. In 2001 they went on to secure the Maluane Concession, a group of three islands of which Vamizi is the largest. The Maluane Project was conceived to support and fund the development of this concession. The primary aim of the project was to combine tourism with wildlife conservation and community development to protect this unspoilt area in the Indian Ocean.

Vamizi’s resident community consists of about one thousand islanders who, between 1976 to 1992, fled from the mainland to escape the civil war in Mozambique. Vamizi Island is committed to the community and conservation
projects that aim to improve the livelihoods of its residents.

Vamizi Island Lodge was built by the villagers on the island and all building materials were sourced locally. The Lodge has also created employment– many of the staff are employed at the Lodge– and also supports village businesses.
The womenfolk provide bread and create handcrafts for sale to guests and the island’s fishermen supply seafood to the restaurant.

As part of the conservation ethos, the fishermen, working with the island’s conservation team, have come to understand the benefits of sustainable fishing and now help to patrol Vamizi’s waters to prevent indiscriminate fishing practice. They also help to monitor populations of dolphins and humpback whales and, most importantly, have embraced Vamizi’s turtle conservation project, aimed at preserving one of the lat valuable nesting sites for green turtles in East Africa. As a result, the area is turning into an important marine reserve.


Twenty dollars per guest per night is set aside for Vamizi Island’s conservation and community efforts

7 nights/ stay. pay for only 4
$4165 -
STAY SEVEN NIGHTS AND GET THREE NIGHTS FREE. Applicable: 23 Apr–14 Jul Incl for Saturday arrivals only. Excluding air fares, airport taxes, transfers, etc.

more info

key features
  • Vamizi caters for 24 guests
  • 10 beach villas
  • Two double suites
  • Exclusive seclusion for families or friends.
  • 8km main beach
  • 155 sq m villas
  • Maximum privacy.
  • King-size 4 poster beds
  • Padi diving
  • Deep sea fishing: Fly-Fishing: Spa & Wellness

contact details

Telephone 00 27 82 780 3931

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