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Gulugo Background
@ Guludo Beach Lodge

About Us
The idea was to create an innovative and sustainable model to relieve poverty and protect the environment. The result was Guludo Beach Lodge and its associated charity, Nema Foundation.

Donating 5% of its income to the charity, the lodge maximises the benefits to the local area whilst the charity, Nema Foundation implements a wide array of community and conservation projects. Although in its infancy, this model has since become an award-winning and internationally applauded strategy for addressing extreme rural poverty and environmental degradation.
Guludo is part of a larger model set up to relieve poverty and protect the environment.
The Power of a Dream
Guludo was set up by Amy and Neal Carter-James, a young English couple who passionately believed that a quality tourism product could be a powerful tool to enable poor, rural communities to work their way out of poverty. Mozambique was the chosen as the location, despite neither of them having previously been, simply because of it's fantastic tourism potential alongside extreme rural poverty; a place they believe they could have maximum impact and bring most benefits. The dream started to be realised in late 2002 during a moonlit community meeting in Guludo village, when their response to our question "would you like to work with us to realise this dream" was a resounding "yes, when can you start?"
Now, the dream really has been realised, although there is still plenty of work to be done.
The journey so far certainly has been eventful to say the least. If you're ever in Guludo with Neal and Amy you may hear some of the unbelievable adventures that have led to the success of Guludo Beach Lodge.
The Future
Inspired by the people living in the Guludo area, Guludo Beach Lodge is just the beginning. Like many entrepreneurs, ideas are always abound and you never quite know what's just around the corner in their quest of using business to relieve poverty... watch this space!
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key features
  • 9 beach bandas
  • Deserted tropical beaches
  • Pristine coral reefs
  • Local community
  • Award-winning design for innovation
  • Honeymoons
  • Scuba Diving
  • Historic Ibo island
  • Rolas island
  • Family friendly

contact details

Telephone 00 27 82 780 3931

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